A New Home For Mote Marine

The Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida is a world-renowned research facility that has been providing educational opportunities to the public since 1955. The laboratory was founded by Dr. Eugenie Clark, an ichthyologist who dedicated her life to studying marine life and educating others about it. Today, the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium continues to be a leader in marine science research and education with its state-of-the-art facilities, interactive exhibits, and hands-on activities for visitors of all ages.

The Mote Marine Laboratory is home to more than 100 scientists who are researching everything from coral reef restoration to shark behavior. Visitors can explore the lab’s many exhibits which include touch tanks filled with sea stars, horseshoe crabs, sea cucumbers and other creatures; a mangrove forest where visitors can learn about this important ecosystem; an interactive exhibit on ocean acidification; as well as displays on climate change impacts on our oceans. In addition to these exhibits there are also several aquariums featuring fish from around the world including sharks, rays, eels and more!

In addition to its educational offerings for visitors of all ages at the lab itself there are also several programs offered throughout Sarasota County that allow people of all ages get up close with some of Florida’s most amazing aquatic creatures such as dolphins or manatees! These programs provide unique opportunities for participants such as swimming with dolphins or snorkeling alongside manatees while learning about their habitats along the way!

On November 13th 2020 Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium broke ground for the New Mote Science Education Aquarium or Mote SEA at Nathan Benderson Park for their new 110,000 Square foot facility. For anyone driving by on I75 you will notice that they are finally starting to make progress! This new facility will allow them to provide enhanced levels of ocean literacy to much larger and more diverse populations from around the world. Mote SEA will serve as a regional hub for expanding marine sciences and technology education.

The main campus will still be located on City Island and remains open from 9:30am - 5:00pm 7 days a week.  12-1pm are the busiest times so go early to beat the crowds. Tickets are $26/person for ages 13+ and $19 for ages 3-12. Children 2 and younger are free.

For those looking for something even more immersive there is also a variety of boat tours available through Mote Marine Lab which take guests out into local waters where they can observe wildlife in their natural habitat while learning about conservation efforts being made by researchers at Mote Marine Lab. There are even overnight trips available so you can spend multiple days exploring different areas around Sarasota Bay!

No matter what type of experience you’re looking for when visiting Sarasota County you won’t want miss out on what The Mote Marine Laboratory has offer! From interactive exhibits inside their facility to boat tours out into local waters – this incredible research center provides countless opportunities for people young & old alike learn more about our oceans & how we can help protect them now & into future generations!

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